Cosmetic Tattoo

Semi-permanent tattooing for brows is becoming an increasingly popular treatment. From wanting to fill in your sparse brows due to aging or over-plucking, to wanting to save some time in the morning filling in your brows, semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing is the perfect solution. The same goes for your lips! If you have noticed your lips are asymmetrical or losing their shape, color, size, then a semi-permanent lip tattoo is your solution. These occur with aging as we lose hydration, elastin, collagen, and melanin in the skin. Even if you have not seen these signs yet, a semi-permanent lip tattoo will give you full, defined, contoured, and balanced lips in the perfect shade to your preference.

Our Cosmetic Tattoo Services

Brows - Microblading / Ombre / Microshading

MICROBLADING is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure where fine, hair-like strokes are created using a unique hand tool with fine needles, giving you fluffy, natural-looking brows. Hypo-allergenic pigment is implanted into the deeper layers of the skin, with results lasting up to 18 months (individual results vary). The OMBRE technique provides more definition to your brows, similar to the results after using a brow pencil/powder, as opposed to hair-like strokes from Microblading. When healed, your brows will look soft but slightly more bold and defined than your bare brows. Ombre brows lasts up to 2 years, with individual results varying. MICROSHADING brows combine microblading and ombre brows to give you the perfect set of fluffy, yet defined brows. The beginning of your brows start off looking natural with hair-like strokes, then gradually transitions to ombre brows for more prominent brow tails. No doubt one of the most requested brow techniques, microshading brows will not disappoint if you are looking for a natural but defined result.

Lip Blush

Semi-permanent lip tattoo involves professional, hypoallergenic pigment being implanted into your lips, with results lasting up to 3 years (individual results vary). There are many shades available including a natural nude, to a deep mauve. Your lips will be a vibrant red or pink color before flaking off within a week to a very light nude, pink color. Your true color will fully develop at around 8 weeks to a natural pink, making your lips look hydrated, full, defined, healthy, and balanced result.


Lash enhancement with eyeliner tattoo is when pigment is implanted using a special device right along your lashline between your lashes to give you the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes. This is a very natural result as it creates a subtle lift and definition to your lashes, whilst making you look refreshed and awake.

Eyeliner tattoo can last up to 2 years with individual results varying, however, colour refreshes are recommended every year to give a boost to your colour.

Those with slower skin cell turnover may experience longer retention.


Information & Care

What happens during your session, and what are the healing stages?

After listening to your concerns and your ideal shapes, your brows / lips / liner will be carefully mapped according to recommendations, but most importantly, your preferences until you are fully satisfied. Your treatment area will be properly numbed before treatment, and once they are completed, ink will be penetrated for approximately 10 minutes to settle into your skin.

What to expect after your session:

The entire healing process is between 4-8 weeks depending on your body regeneration and age, and your cosmetic tattoo will go through several stages during the healing process.

The pigment will look very natural immediately after the procedure. However, your treated areas will appear much more vibrant, darker and thicker the next few days (this is completely normal and expected).

NOTE: Because of natural skin regeneration, your treated area may appear lighter than original after the peeling stage. This is normal and expected, and does not mean your semi-permanent tattoos are fading too quickly. Even with proper care, missing spots/strokes may develop, making your cosmetic tattoo look uneven. This is completely normal. Once the healing process starts, your treated areas will look flaky. However, this is just the superficial colour and dry skin being removed naturally. Over the next 30-60 days after your procedure, your tattoo and pigment will slowly start to develop into its final form.

Healing stages for brows:

Day 1 – looks defined, slightly more dramatic than normal, feels abit tender and swollen, possible slight bleeding

Day 2 – very dark, bold, and thicker than yesterday. Colour can be slightly red, and still tender

Day 3-4 – pain and tenderness subsiding, still looking dark and thick

Day 5 - brows feeling itchy, a thick layer of scab may form, fine-hair strokes that were created may be hidden (DO NOT PICK THE SCAB – affects retention and can cause scarring and infection)

Day 5-7 – maximum scabbing at this stage which will begin to peel away from the skin (let the flakes naturally fall off without picking at them!)

Day 7-10 – scabs will have flaked off or is still flaking off on their own. Feather strokes will appear lighter or greyish, or some spots may look like they’re missing

Day 14-28 – healing process is almost over! The colour and definition of the feather strokes will start to return. Colour will begin to even out and look more natural and brow-like

Healing stages for lips:

The healing stages are very similar to brows except the flaking process takes up to 5 days. Please note to still refrain from picking and peeling at the flakes until they have fallen off or come off easily with gentle vaseline scrubbing. Touch-up is required at around 8 weeks for semi-permanent lip tattoo. Also note your vermillion border may appear darker at first, however, your lips will appear more even closer to the 8 weeks.

Pre-Treatment Care

Please take note of the pre-treatment restrictions as the results of your brows can be affected: • Do not take fish oils, vitamin E, flaxseed oils, aspirin, niacin, nurofen/ibuprofen, omega-3, or any blood-thinning medications approximately 1 week before the procedure unless medically necessary (Panadol is fine) • Do not work out on the day of the procedure as the heat will expand your pores and create more spread of the pigment • Avoid prolonged sun exposure, ESPECIALLY a sunburn 3 days before the procedure (your skin should not be in the healing process before the procedure – this affects retention) • Do not drink coffee or any caffeinated drinks before the procedure • Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before or after the procedure • No tweezing or waxing 3 days before the procedure • No tinting 1-2 weeks before the procedure • Any skin treatments, laser treatments, chemical peels, or injectables should be avoided 4 weeks before AND after the procedure

  • LIP – please bring your ideal lipstick colour so we can try match it as close as possible for your treatment
  • EYELINER – please remove eyelash extensions and contact lenses before the procedure, and arrive to the appointment with no eye make-up


Post-care is extremely important to the appearance and retention of your new semi-permanent tattoo. Ensure your hands are completely clean before handling your new cosmetic tattoo. If you prefer to use bepanthen, apply a thin layer once at night with a clean cotton swab as your skin also needs to heal itself. You can continue to apply this cream for the next 7 days. Otherwise, gently dabbing a clean cotton pad with 0.9% sodium chloride to your treated areas after your shower is sufficient.


  • Let any lotion, soap, or make-up touch your semi-permanent tattoo or the surrounding area for the next 7 days after the procedure

For the next 7-14 days, avoid:

  • Increased sweating/practicing sports
  • Swimming, hot sauna, hot bath, jacuzzi, steam room
  • Sun tanning/tanning salon (UVR and chemicals have been known to shift colour and decrease pigment retention)
  • Any laser/chemical peels/facial treatments
  • Any topicals/skincare containing Vitamin A (RetinA, retinol) or glycolic acids on the face and neck
  • Performing heavy tasks (eg. household cleaning – garage or basement cleaning, as these can cause increased sweating and involves airborne debris)
  • Drinking excess alcohol (slows down wound healing)
  • Driving in open air vehicles (convertibles, bikes, boats, motorcycles)
  • Touching the treated areas (except for when rinsing or applying post-care cream with a cotton swab)

Please wash your face carefully and gently without stretching or accidentally peeling the flakes off prematurely.

Itching and flaking may appear during the first 7 days post-treatment. However, these symptoms may quickly resolve if post-care instructions are followed.

What to do:

  • Watch out for signs of infection (fever, redness, swelling, pus, tenderness, heat, odour, red streaks from treatment site), and contact your physician IMMEDIATELY if these start to appear
  • Once completely healed, always apply SPF 30+ on your eyebrows when leaving the house. Sun exposure causes the pigment to fade more quickly
  • Avoid using foundation on your treated areas as it can affect the colour of your cosmetic tattoo

Clinic Policy

  • A touch-up appointment may be necessary at 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment at no extra charge on first-time procedures. No touch-ups or adjustments can be done prior to 6 weeks. If touch-ups are needed and are not booked within 6 months from the first treatment, a surcharge of $75 will be required upfront
  • A $50 consult fee/deposit is required for all appointments which will be taken out of your treatment total (deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and has a 1 year expiry date from the date of transaction)
  • Reminder SMS and Emails are sent out 48hrs prior to the appointment in case you need to reschedule
  • There is a 24hr cancellation period
  • If the appointment is cancelled within 24hrs of the appointment without rescheduling, or there is a no-show, the deposit is forfeited
  • If you are late to the appointment and are unable to complete the treatment, 1 reschedule is allowed before deposit is forfeited (deposit is forfeited if not rescheduled within 3 months)

How long will results last?

This depends on your post-care, as well as external factors (sun, environment, etc), and individual factors (age, health conditions, etc.).

Microblading with feather strokes usually last 9-12 months, and microshading or ombre brows usually last longer (9-24 months) depending on skin type and factors mentioned above. Lip blush tends to last 3-5 years.

A colour refresh is recommended every 12 months to maintain vibrancy and colour.

Those with slower skin cell turnover may experience longer retention.