Cosmetic Tattoo

Semi-permanent tattooing for brows is becoming an increasingly popular treatment. From wanting to fill in your sparse brows due to aging or over-plucking, to wanting to save some time in the morning filling in your brows, semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing is the perfect solution. 

With so many unique brows out there, we have a range of styles and techniques that we can cater to give you the results that you want - whether it be bold and defined, to soft and natural, or even a mixture of both! These techniques will give you smudge-proof, 24/7 brows in any weather and event (ie, perfect brows that won't wash off at the beach? YES PLEASE!)

What is your style?


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Tattoo Removal

Have your brows faded into a blue or red colour over time? Or are you unhappy with the shape of your brows? Tattoo removal with a specialised solution can be performed to safely remove your unwanted tattoo. This method targets ALL colours equally and does not remove your brow hairs.

The solution is a non-acid, fruit seed extract removal product that is vegan certified, and consists of pigment lightening and skin conditioning ingredients. This method lifts unwanted pigment up from the deeper layers underneath and flushes it out from within the skin, leaving a smooth, blank canvas. You can either redo your brows or tattoo to your desire or leave your skin clear as you wish.

Emergency brow tattoo removal is also available. If you are unhappy with your new tattoo, we can help remove your brows within the first 48hrs after your session.