Tattoo Removal

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Have your brows faded into a blue or red colour over time? Or are you unhappy with the shape of your brows? Tattoo removal with a specialised solution can be performed to safely remove your unwanted tattoo. This method targets ALL colours equally and does not remove your brow hairs.

The solution is a non-acid, fruit seed extract removal product that is vegan certified, and consists of pigment lightening and skin conditioning ingredients. This method lifts unwanted pigment up from the deeper layers underneath and flushes it out from within the skin, leaving a smooth, blank canvas. You can either redo your brows or tattoo to your desire or leave your skin clear as you wish.

Emergency brow tattoo removal is also available. If you are unhappy with your new tattoo, we can help remove your brows within the first 48hrs after your session.


Treatments available for:

  • Brows
  • Emergency removal within 48hrs of your tattoo session
  • Migrated eyeliner
  • Lip tattoo
  • Small tattoos (approximately 2-3cm in width and length)
  • Larger tattoos (only small area treatable at each session)

What does the process involve, and what are the side effects and complications?

After listening to your concerns, your unwanted tattoo will be assessed carefully and a medical health history will also be taken. A patch test may be required to ensure optimal and safe results. Your treatment area will be properly numbed before treatment, with extra numbing during the procedure available. Post-care will be instructed carefully with aftercare instructions readily available on our website for reference. Your unwanted pigment will become trapped in a scab that will form post procedure, and this will naturally fall off within 1-2 weeks, removing your unwanted pigment along with it. Right after your procedure, the area may appear very red and bleed, however, this is completely normal. Your treatment area may be slightly red/pink for a few weeks before healing completely, and your next session will be at 8 weeks if required. SIDE EFFECTS & COMPLICATIONS

  • Swelling and tenderness is expected, especially in the first 2-3 days of after your procedure
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can occur due to the inflammation caused to the skin, however, this is temporary and will subside with time
  • Hypopigmentation can also occur due to inflammation, where a test patch is recommended prior to the actual procedure
  • Cold sores may be activated if we are removing lip tattoo (please take anti-virals before and after your procedure to reduce this risk)
  • There is a small risk of infection as with any procedure, however, we practice sterile techniques and we make sure your skin is cleaned before and after procedures to further reduce this risk.
  • Potential scarring if aftercare is not performed carefully

When will I see results and how many sessions do I need?

Results are seen 1-2 weeks after your procedure once your scab has lifted off, however, it may take 2-5 sessions in some cases to see visible and desired results. It is a long process and patience is required. This depends on many variables such as how many layers your tattoo has, what ingredients are in the ink used for your unwanted tattoo, how deep it was implanted, how saturated it is, which part of the body, skin condition, individual skin healing processes, aftercare, and the amount that needs to be removed. A few sessions may be required to remove your unwanted tattoo, however, individual results vary. In many cases, only a small percentage of the pigment needs to be lifted/removed before colour correcting can take place if we are going over your current brow tattoo. If you are looking to remove misplaced tattoo or you are wanting a new brow shape, colour correcting may not be an option and removing as much pigment as possible will be our ultimate goal.

Pre-Treatment Care

Please take note of the pre-treatment restrictions as the results of your procedure can be affected: • Do not take fish oils, vitamin E, flaxseed oils, aspirin, niacin, nurofen/ibuprofen, omega-3, or any blood-thinning medications approximately 1 week before the procedure unless medically necessary (Panadol is fine) • Do not work out on the day of the procedure as the heat will expand your pores and create more spread of the pigment • Avoid prolonged sun exposure, ESPECIALLY a sunburn 3 days before the procedure (your skin should not be in the healing process before the procedure – this affects retention) • Do not drink coffee or any caffeinated drinks before the procedure • Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before or after the procedure • No waxing or any brow treatments 1-2 weeks before the procedure (this refers to brows only) • Any skin treatments, laser treatments, chemical peels, or injectables around the treatment area should be avoided 4 weeks before AND after the procedure

What are the post-care instructions involved?

It is very important to follow all aftercare instructions below carefully to achieve optimal results, to prevent complications and scarring, and to maintain skin integrity before the next removal session. Do NOT:

  • Use any products or make-up to conceal your treatment area until the skin has healed (they may contain bacteria or ingredients that may interfere with the healing process, and may require rubbing for removal which may develop scarring or undesired results from accidental removal of the crusts)
  • Cover the treatment area with a dressing, band-aid or anything else as air/oxygen helps promote faster and better healing
  • HOWEVER, if you operate in high-risk areas, an occlusive dressing is recommended to prevent any cross infection. Some high-risk areas include, but are not limited to: gyms, schools, hospitals, health-care facilities, high public traffic areas such as airports, grocery stores, etc
  • Use ice to reduce swelling or bruising
  • Remove, pick, or peel off the crusts that develop from the procedure. The
  • scabs need to fall off naturally (you may feel itchy as the scabs are flaking off, please try to refrain from scratching accidentally as this can cause scarring or undesired results – the scabs need to stay on for as long as possible to achieve optimum results)
  • Soak the treated area in water (you can shower as normal but keep the area dry as best as you can and do not let the area stay wet for more than a few minutes. Gently pat any moisture dry with a clean paper towel)
For the next 7-14 days, avoid:
  • Increased sweating/practicing sports
  • Swimming, hot sauna, hot bath, jacuzzi, steam room
  • Sun tanning/tanning salon (UVR and chemicals have been known to shift colour and decrease pigment retention)
  • Any laser/chemical peels/facial treatments
  • Any topicals/skincare containing Vitamin A (RetinA, retinol) or glycolic acids on the face and neck
  • Performing heavy tasks (eg. household cleaning – garage or basement cleaning, as these can cause increased sweating and involves airborne debris)
  • Drinking excess alcohol (slows down wound healing)
  • Driving in open air vehicles to prevent dust or dirt (convertibles, bikes, boats, motorcycles)
  • Direct contact with treatment area with unclean hands (please thoroughly wash your hands prior to touching your treatment area)
What to do:
  • Continue to gently blot off (NOT RUB) the ooze over the next few hours after your procedure with a slightly moist paper towel/tissue
  • DRY HEALING and open to the air is best recommended for optimal results and better healing
  • Gently cleanse the area by blotting with saline 3-4 times a day using a clean paper towel or gauze
  • Try to keep the treatment area dry/not soaked when showering (please turn your back to the shower and gently dab/blot the area dry with a clean paper towel)
  • Watch out for signs of infection (fever, redness, swelling, pus, tenderness, heat, odour, red streaks from treatment site), and contact your physician IMMEDIATELY if these start to appear
  • Once completely healed, always apply SPF 30+ on your treatment area when leaving the house. Sun exposure can induce hyper or hypo-pigmentation
  • Once scabs have fallen off, apply 1 drop of vitamin E oil 3-4 times throughout the day for a minimum of 4 weeks or until the next session (DO NOT apply while scab is still there)
  • LIPS – please drink liquids through a straw until scabbing has fallen off, cut/bite food in small pieces and do not allow food to touch the treated area, try to keep expressions to a minimum to avoid accidental peeling of scab, and do not use products with whitening ingredients or peroxides during the peeling process)

Clinic Policy

  • Additional treatments may be advised or desired at 8-12 weeks after the initial treatment for better results.
  • Subsequent treatments are to be done after 8 weeks (absolutely no treatment before this time!)
  • A $50 consult fee/deposit is required for all appointments which will be taken out of your treatment total (deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and has a 1 year expiry date from the date of transaction)
  • Reminder SMS and Emails are sent out 48hrs prior to the appointment in case you need to reschedule
  • There is a 24hr cancellation period
  • If the appointment is cancelled within 24hrs without rescheduling, or there is a no-show, the deposit is forfeited
  • If you are late to the appointment and are unable to complete treatment, 1 reschedule is allowed before the deposit is forfeited (deposit is forfeited if not rescheduled within 3 months)