Founder of LadyGrace Aesthetics

My name is Grace Chau, founder of LadyGrace Aesthetics, and my passion is to help you improve your confidence through cosmetic services. When I was younger, I was very conscious about my appearance. I was quite often teased and bullied, and this affected my self-esteem. Overtime, I have grown to be more confident and comfortable with myself and my appearance, and have realized how positive and liberating this made me feel. I understand how it feels to be conscious about the way you look, and strongly believe in doing what makes YOU happy. LadyGrace Aesthetics is my way of showing and sharing my passion.


Anyone can have cosmetic injectables, skin treatments, or semi-permanent tattoo, but that does not mean everyone will feel beautiful. I pride myself in giving honest and thorough consultations, but most importantly, I pride myself in refreshing your appearance in the safest and most effective way possible, and giving YOU results that makes YOU look and feel empowered. I perform cosmetic treatments because I love it. I love the industry. I love the way it makes people feel when they see their results. I love to make people happy. Let’s work together to help you achieve your aesthetic goals today!