Advanced Skin Treatments

Ready for younger-looking skin? Your skin loses its elasticity, hydration, and collagen as the years go by, causing you to have fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and dehydration. These all make you look more aged than you are. Fortunately, we have effective skin treatments that can slow down these signs of aging, giving you glowing, porcelain, plump skin that you deserve. Treatments include microdermabrasion, microneedling, peels, dermaplaning, and LED light therapy.

Our trained technicians at LadyGrace Aesthetics will assess your skin to come up with your very own customised treatment program. It is usually recommended to have 3-6 sessions for best results, with regular ongoing maintenance.



Microdermabrasion buffs away the dead skin cells that build up your skin, which can lead to dull, congested, flaky skin. The treatment is gentle but effective at renewing your overall complexion while stimulating collagen at the same time. It can also help improve your hyperpigmentation, as well as reduce acne breakouts. You can have this treatment weekly, fortnightly, or monthly to maintain your results. Pair this treatment with a peel, and your skin will be glowing like it never had before! Your skin may be very slightly red after treatment, however, you will feel as smooth as can be! At LadyGrace Aesthetics, we will customize a treatment plan that will help you achieve your skin goals.


Microneedling (AKA collagen induction therapy) utilizes microscopic needles that help boost collagen production in the skin through controlled injury. With this boost in collagen production, you will feel rejuvenated and you will be glowing in confidence. This treatment will help smooth out your fine lines, fade away your pigmentation, plump out your acne scars, and take off years in your appearance. Your skin may look slightly red like a mild sunburn for up to a few days before revealing your new and improved skin. This treatment is performed every 4 weeks for a recommended number of sessions, with results visible within the first few weeks of your treatment. Both our device and our needles are TGA-approved to ensure the best quality for you and your skin.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a great way to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin to rejuvenate it from the inside out. There are a wide range of peels to target your concern, whether it be anti-aging, pigmentation, acne, sun damage, scarring, exfoliation, or brightening. The potent, peer-reviewed ingredients effectively targets your concern and encourages skin cell renewal to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Peels can be performed weekly or monthly depending on your skin concern and peel used. Our trained practitioner will assess your skin before coming up with a treatment plan made specially for you to look and feel your best.


Dermaplaning (epidermal levelling) is an effective treatment using a sterile surgical blade to buff away your dead skin cells and remove unwanted peach fuzz (vellus hair). The result? Smooth, clear, glowing skin with no downtime…you will feel like a brand new person! This treatment is safe for all skin types, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women. This treatment can be performed fortnightly or monthly to maintain your results, and can also be paired with other skin treatments to boost your results.

LED Light Therapy

Our LED light therapy delivers 3 different wavelengths that are clinically proven to treat skin concerns. Our blue 415nm light is medically certified for treating acneic skins, our red light at 633nm helps with rejuvenation, redness, fine lines, and collagen stimulation, and our near infrared light at 830nm helps assist wound healing, anti-aging, muscle and joint pain, pigmentation, and skin health. There are various other benefits that LED light therapy offers, and this is all delivered in a relaxing, stress-free 30min session. This can be done as a stand-alone treatment, but effects are boosted when used as an add-on after other skin treatments!

Skin Treatment Info

Clinic Policy

- A $50 consult fee/deposit is required for all appointments which will be taken out of your treatment total (deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and has a 1 year expiry date from the date of transaction) - Reminder SMS and Emails are sent out 48hrs prior to the appointment in case you need to reschedule - There is a 24hr cancellation period - If the appointment is cancelled within 24hrs of the appointment without rescheduling, or there is a no-show, the deposit is forfeited - If you are late to the appointment and are unable to complete the treatment, 1 reschedule is allowed before deposit is forfeited (deposit is forfeited if not rescheduled within 3 months)

Pre-Treatment Care & After-Care

As these treatments target the deeper layers of your skin for cell renewal, you may have to prep your skin with specific products to reduce your chances of complications. At LadyGrace Aesthetics, we are trained in assessing your skin and in devising a treatment plan specially made for you. We will assess your skin and your concerns to recommend you the most effective and safe way to achieve your results. BEFORE your treatments, it is recommended that you: - Avoid prolonged sun exposure for at least 2 weeks before your treatment as this can increase your chances of hyperpigmentation - Stop using any actives such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and acids (except for hyaluronic acid) for at least 2 weeks before your treatment - Advise us if you have had any procedures in the last 2-4 weeks as this can affect your treatment results - Advise us of your allergies, medications, and medical health history to prevent complications - Avoid alcohol, intense exercises and heat-inducing procedures for at least 48 hours as this can induce more inflammation / hyperpigmentation - Continue using your SPF 50+ everyday, gentle cleanser, and moisturizer - If you have any current infections, skin irritation, rashes, and open wounds on your treatment area, please advise us as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment AFTER your treatment: - To reduce any risks and complications, it is very important that you follow post-care instructions. Your skin is renewed and sensitive during the first 3-5 days depending on your treatment, and needs to be cared for carefully to reduce complications such as hyperpigmentation, very mild chemical burns, scars, and irritation. Following your after-care instructions carefully helps avoid these risks. You can expect: - Mild sensitivity the first 3-5 days after your treatment - Mild redness looking like a mild sunburn for a few days - Your skin may start to flake after a few days and can last up to 1 week (this is a GREAT thing as your skin cells are working hard to turnover to reveal new, GLOWING skin) - Your skin may feel slightly tight after a few days while it is flaking - Depending on your skin type and heritage, you may experience short-term post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIHP). Fitz 4 (eg: south east Asians) may experience mild hyperpigmentation even if aftercare is carried out carefully. This is because of the higher melanin content in their skin compared to Fitz 1-3, and when their skin heals, more melanin is rushed to the treatment area to protect itself from the harmful UV rays, thus, higher chance of PIHP. However, note that the PIHP is not permanent (unless you continuously expose yourself to UV rays, heat, or any other factor that contributes to PIHP, or not following aftercare properly), and if cared for, it may only last a few months. Post-care is extremely important in reducing the chances of adverse reactions, as well as using our recommended prep products to prepare your skin for the treatment. Do NOT: - Pick or peel at your flaking skin as this can cause scarring or hyperpigmentation. Your skin must flake off naturally. Please use a scrub about 5 days after your treatment to gently exfoliate your skin - Expose your skin to direct or prolonged sun exposure - Drink alcohol, or do any intense exercises or heat-inducing activities for at least 48 hours - Use any actives on your skin such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, or acids (except for hyaluronic acid) for at least 5-7 days after your appointment What to DO: - Use a gentle cleanser and moisturiser for the first 5 days to avoid skin sensitivity (we will recommend customised products for you during your appointment) - Use SPF 50+ and ensure reapplying every 3-4 hours to protect your skin4 - Monitor your treatment area for any signs of infection (please seek medical advice from GP if you suspect an infection – pus, redness, fever, heat, etc) Contact us immediately if you have any concerns