Fat  Dissolving Injections

The double chin is one of the most common areas of concern and is caused by aging, genetics, or weight changes. Though it can be one of the hardest to improve no matter how slim you are, there is, fortunately, a non-surgical treatment option to improve this area. The main ingredient used in this treatment is an acid that is naturally occurring in the body and aids the breakdown and absorption of fat. Injections of the medication permanently break down fat cells in localized areas, which are then cleared by the body. Fibroblasts and collagen are also stimulated during this process, helping to tighten the skin. For an even more rejuvenated and sculpted jawline, complement your fat dissolving treatments with dermal fillers to sculpt and contour the jawline, and skin tightening treatments to rejuvenate your neck. 

 Due to regulatory restrictions, we are unable to show prices, however, please book in a consultation to discuss prices and packages available.

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